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At Quakleen Co. our philosophy is simple. Exceptional service, great products, and a client-oriented business model make satisfied customers. With our unprecedented retention rate, no long term contracts to sign, and no cancellation fees, we think that our clients agree.

Here at Quakleen Co., we want to help you and to help your business, because we have found that there is no better way to help our own. We strive to provide our clients with not only the highest quality service but competitive pricing as well. Times are tough, we know, we’re in business too. But we also know that keeping our clients happy pays much higher dividends in the long run.

Many of our clients are financial institution and national product or service chains. Due to their requests that we take over their locations and branches in other parts of California and Nevada, we have expanded our service area to include all of California, Las Vegas, and areas surrounding Las Vegas. You do not need to be a national chain or financial institution to enjoy the great service and pricing that Quakleen Co. offers. Our expanded role allows us to service any business in our new service area. Even in these tough economic times, we have increased our workforce to ensure that our original core clients in cities like Los Angeles, Pasadena, Long Beach, Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, Torrance, and every other city in Southern California continue to receive the same professional high quality service, client attention and interaction, and competitive pricing they have grown accustomed to and have depended on for their janitorial needs.

With Quakleen Co., your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy with our services you may cancel your agreement at any time without any penalties or fees. Just give us the standard 30 days notice and that’s it. The choice is up to you to stay or leave and that’s how it will always be. Our job is to make sure that you are satisfied enough to stay, not through long term contracts, cancellation fees, or “fine print”, but through continued exceptional service and responsive client management. It’s our way of saying, we’re confident you will love our services and our company. Give us a call and experience the Quakleen Co. difference for yourself. With month to month agreements and no cancellation fees, you have nothing to lose. Doesn’t your business deserve better?


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About Quakleen Co

Quakleen Co. is a proven and trusted name in Janitorial Services and Products. For over 30 years our staff and personnel have trained and developed their skills in the janitorial services field. We are constantly updating our training as well as our services offered to include new and innovative methods of cleaning, and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and effective. Our client centered business model focuses on total client satisfaction, giving you and your business the service you deserve. Let us show you what the Quakleen difference is all about. A difference that will make you and your business happy you switched. Call us today for your free no obligation quote. Just click the "CONTACT US" link above.